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Blake Griffin And Chris Paul make it to All NBA team

Clippers Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were named to the All-NBA team when the league announced its selections on Thursday.

Paul was named to the first-team All-NBA and Griffin was named to the second team.

It was the second time in Paul’s career that he has been named to the first team. He was joined on the All-NBA first team by Miami’s LeBron James, Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant, Orlando’s Dwight Howard and the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant.

Paul also made the NBA’s first-team All-Defensive team.

Griffin made the All-NBA team for the first time in his two-year career.

He was joined on the second team by San Antonio’s Tony Parker, Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, Minnesota’s Kevin Love and the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum.

Paul and Griffin helped the Clippers reach the second round of the Western Conference playoffs for the first time since 2006.


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Miyerkules, Mayo 23, 2012

NBA's Real Life Version of Hanamichi Sakuragi, Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin

About 3 years ago I watched a Anime called Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue. I instantly fell in love with the show because of my passion for Basketball and Anime. The Anime’s main character goes by the name Sakuragi Hanamichi and he is a cocky, funny, but talented basketball player for his High School. He stands out from the rest of the cast with his red hair, attitude, and height. He also has an amazing talent in the show as far as jumping and rebounding abilities. Remind you of anyone?

Around this same time in 2008 I turned my channel to SportsCenter only to find a article on the biggest name in college basketball during that time, Blake Griffin. At first glimpse I didn’t notice the resemblance, but then I saw the highlights of him playing as the article went on. My jaw dropped in aw, as I watched the real life Anime character light up the court. I was pretty pissed that I couldn’t tell anyone around me about the resemblance because it was nearly impossible to find people who watched Anime and Sports, then finding people that have seen or read Slam Dunk. I could however, show my younger brother who watched the show along with me. I made a huge effort to point out the obvious similarities though.

Hanamichi  Sakuragi curly hair with ball

Blake Griffin curly hair with ball

Hanamichi sakuragi, slam dunk king

Blake Griffin NBA Slamdunk king


Both have red hair
Both had Long hair at some point
Both have Short hair at some point
Both Power Forwards and/or Centers
Both Dunk on people in every game
Both play for red colored teams
Both have huge confidence and show it


Blake’s real
Sakuragi’s an Anime
Blakes Black
Sakuragi is Japanese
Blake plays in the NBA
Sakuragi plays in High School

Blake Griffin VS Tim Duncan Slam Dunk Photo Game 4 LA Cippers Against Spurs


Linggo, Mayo 20, 2012

Los Angeles Clippers, Down to 0-3 versus Spurs on Playoff

LOS ANGELES – Chris Paul was running and dishing. Blake Griffin was jumping and slamming. Clipper Nation was screaming and believing.

The Spurs were just playing.

When the home team ran out to a brunch-time 40-16 lead and had the boys from San Antonio wearing huevos rancheros on their faces, some even began to wonder if head coach Gregg Popovich would pull his starters at halftime and save them for Part II of the back-to-back on Sunday.

If nothing else, it looked like the Clippers would finally earn a measure of respect in the series.

But that’s the problem. The Spurs make you earn everything. They don’t panic. They don’t roll over. They just keep coming.

Tim Duncan finally gets a couple of inside moves to roll in and then Tony Parker drops in a floater and Manu Ginobili slings in a 3-pointer from just outside Buenos Aires and that great sucking sound that came from inside the Staples Center was all of the life coming out of Clipper Nation. They had seen it all before, too many times, long before this season of rebirth and hope.

Before long Griffin was dragging his sore right knee around the floor and Paul was back to looking life a do-it-all All-Star point guard who couldn’t do any of the things he wanted to do.

In the end it was 96-86 Spurs, who now have a 3-0 stranglehold lead in the series and must have the Clippers wondering why they have to come back and bang their hands against the wall on Sunday night.

It was nice while it lasted in Clipper Nation.

The Spurs just last longer.


Martes, Mayo 15, 2012

Hair Salon Commercial , 2012 Kia Optima Staring Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin was theof 2012 Kia Optima, Watch here the most funny and epic Commercial blake endorsed. Dont forget to Enjoy watching

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Blake Griffin Hustle Dive on Game 6 Against Memphis Grizzlies

Blake Griffin gave up his body to get the loose ball and made a great assist to his teammate DeAndre Jordan for a tremendous slam.

Check out Blake Griffin as he dives on the loose ball and gets it to DeAndre Jordan who side-steps the defense for the powerful one-hand stuff in the pivotal game 6 showdown between the Clippers and Grizzlies as Los Angeles looks to move on to the next round!  

Sabado, Mayo 12, 2012

Blake Griffin's Top Ten Plays 2011-2012 NBA Season

See  LA Clippers Forward Blake Griffin's unbelievable top ten highlights in 2011 - 2012 NBA season before they made it the NBA playoffs

expect a lot of incredible high flying dunks from our idol Blake Griffin. Watch His number 32 Jersey slam it all the way to the rim.

What Blake Griffin  play you like the most?

Message From a Fan

I'm a big big fan of NBA, One of my favorite player all time is Blake Griffin.  For a big guy like him, guess what? He can fly.  He is unstoppable. Players will think more than twice if they want to defend the onslaught of Blake Griffin athleticism. HAHA. Everybody wants to be in the poster but not with Blake. Without a doubt Mr Griffin will surely slam the ball in the rim no matter who or how big his defender is. Maybe that's his hobby.

Along with Chris Paul, Thanks to them. The Los Angeles Clippers is now back on tract as they made it again to the most awaited NBA playoffs.

This is the reason why I made this blog.  This made me realized how great player he is.As I made a self promised to be the number 1 fan of Blake Griffin and to follow his career.  That's why Im dedicating this blog to Blake Griffin high flying ability.

One day, I am sure. Blake Griffin NBA career will prosper more than anyone else.

Come join me and lets fly with Blake Griffin